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The National Weather Study Project

The National Weather Study Project (NWSP) is a large-scale environmental study project deploying hundreds of mini weather stations in schools throughout Singapore. In this project, we are developing the National Weather Sensor Grid connecting these weather stations to automatically collect and aggregate the weather data into a Central Data Depository (CDD) in real time. The sensor grid integrates computational and data storage resources for the processing and storage of weather data. We are building tools for publishing, querying, processing, visualizing, archiving and searching the weather data.

To illustrate the power and usefulness of this system, we plan to conduct an important application case study. Dengue Fever, which is transmitted by the female Aedes mosquitoes, is a serious health issue in Singapore. Dengue Fever cases tend to occur in hot spots or clusters. We plan to study the weather data collected from schools near the Dengue Fever clusters, in order to establish the correlation between the weather patterns and the Dengue Fever occurrences in Singapore.
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Principal Investigator :

    Dr Lim Hock Beng

Research Staff :

    Dr Wang Wenqiang
    Ms Yao Yuxia
    Mr Mudasser Iqbal

Student Researchers :

    Li Boyang
    Yin Xiaonan
    Tarun Sharma
    Zheng Wanrou
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For more information, please contact Dr Lim Hock Beng.

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